Tatum Shank is an American actor, writer, director and producer, dedicated to his faith, his family and his craft. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Tatum first experienced the "art of film-making" in high school. With the help of his best friend, they took it upon themselves to create a remake of the classic film Hoosiers by cutting footage the “old-fashioned way” - from VCR to VCR. After going off to college to play football, Tatum eventually wound up in the theatre department and on stage for the first time in a small original play called Heirlooms. Through the dramatic ebbs and flows of the play, Tatum's character proved to be the comic relief of the piece. After that first performance on stage and hearing the audience responding with laughter in all the right places...he was hooked. 

Three weeks following his graduation from Graceland University with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and Theatre, Tatum moved to Los Angeles, where he has been pursuing his passion ever since. He has been seen in a variety of commercials, television shows and films including Criminal Minds, NCIS and the soon to be released Netflix film, Blonde. Tatum is also an active member of Theatre West, the oldest continually-operating theatre company in Los Angeles. In 2018, he led an ensemble cast as George Bailey in the staged radio production of It’s a Wonderful Life and currently serves on the Artistic Board.

When he is not performing in front of the camera or on stage, Tatum enjoys producing corporate videos, short/feature length films, plays and faith-based content with his own production company, Cross Light Productions. He looks forward to future endeavors in this industry and becoming an even bigger light in the City of Angels.

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2010 - present
2010 - present